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Fantastic yoga retreat I did a 5 day yoga retreat at Ananda in July 2023. I stayed in a garden room (the cheapest option). It was simple but comfortable, with a mini fridge, fan and AC. The yoga classes were fantastic, with a range of styles and teachers to suit all interests and ability levels. Every teacher I had was highly professional and helped support me with modifications and adjustments. On retreat you can attend as many or as few classes as you like, and that flexibility really worked for me. Ananda's owner, Valerie, is lovely. She takes the time to check in with guests daily, just to see how we're feeling and make sure we're comfortable. She is also an incredible yoga teacher, and in her classes I felt safe to try postures that are challenging for me. The retreat package included 3 meals from the Shell Bar across the road. The food was amazing and there were enough options that I didn't get bored. The vegan chocolate cake is out of this world. The daily massages were a huge plus and I also really enjoyed the morning meditation and workshops. There's not much around so plan to hire a scooter if you want to explore the island. 7/11 is a 5 min walk away. All in all, a fantastic experience and, IMO, very good value for money, considering all that's included. I would definitely stay again.
Perfection Came here for the 11 day fasting detoxification programme recommended to me by a client of mine, it was perfect. Tranquil environment throughout the centre which was so conducive to the process. Daily yoga, meditation, massage and herbal steam sauna were all perfect additions to the programme (if you felt like doing them, can also just chill). The location is stunning, and the Shell Lounge (beach-front) Cafe directly across the road was perfect for relaxing before, during and after the programme. Noah and staff running the detox bar were so friendly, efficient and fun to be around. The owners and staff running the centre were similarly excellent. Just an awesome vibe all-round. I'll definetley be back. As a naturopath, I'd absolutley recommend my clients to Ananada if they were looking for a fasting and detoxification programme to partake in. Highly Recommended!
Lilith s
Lilith S
Bad quality teachers Yin Yoga TTC and unfriendly management I came to Ananda for a 100 hour yin yoga teacher training. Unfortunately, the quality of the teachers was poor. One teacher read out his notes from a pdf file on a screen or his mobile phone, there was barely any interaction with the students. I would have rather chosen for an online training or reading a book if I had known this was the way of teaching. There were 14 hours of basic anatomy theory that werent linked to yoga, let alone yin yoga (the teacher is more experienced in private (physio?) sessions and mainly talks about that, not about yoga). Since the website stated this training was (also) intended for yoga teachers, it is strange to make basic anatomy such a big part of the training, since most (6 out of 7) attendees already were taught this. We all signed up to be taught about yin. At least link the anatomy to yin then. When i shared my dissapointment about the quality and the content with the teacher, he asked the group if anyone felt the same. No-one dared to speak up (because we were taught to just listen during this course) although the majority of the group felt the same. We didnt get taught about cueing in yin or how to get in or out of a yin pose, but since both teachers didnt do this well in their own practical yin classes, it was not possible for them to teach this to the students. I just did a 200 hour YTTC at another Yoga Center, and have done several other shorter yoga teacher trainings, so I know what the teaching standard is and should be. On the website it states you get taught in a big yoga shala, but most of the time we were in a very small stuffy room. It also states there are enough props, there arent. When i shared all this with the owner, Valerie, she was first very friendly. But as soon as I made clear I wanted to drop out of the course, she refused to talk to me. She responded my text messages about the refund she had promised with "sigh. ..." or not at all. In the end I got a 216USD refund, having followed 60% of the course, having paid 1250USD (including food, no accomodation). This means I paid over 1000 USD for an education I never received and I will have to invest in another Yin Yoga TTC. Another student also dropped out of the course because she was unhappy with the teaching standard (so 2 out of 7 students dropped out), she had accomodation on the property and was first promised by the owner she could stay but then a worker came to tell her she couldnt stay. (While all accomodation on the island was fully booked). The owner didnt have the guts to come tell her herself. After I left, the two teachers adapted the scedule. They put in classes on adjustments and cueing, things that were lacking in the initial program. This again shows the lack of a grounded and well established curriculum that takes students step by step towards being a well-educated Yin Yoga Teacher. Changing a scedule half-way through shows the inexperience (or incapability) of both teachers. The owner has a hard time dealing with unsatisfied guests and gets easily emotional (angry). I spoke openly and friendly with her, giving suggestions for improvement. Through this I gave her the chance to make things right, to make up for my dissapointment. Instead she decided to defend the teachers, warn me that dropping out would cost me my certificate and refund me as little as possible (initially indicating that a refund would be nothing to worry about) and tried to chase the other drop out student out of her accomodation. Not the way you would hope a yoga center manages their center.
Nick t
Nick T
Wish I did it sooner What an experience. First impressions are not the ones that last at this magic center. I am 50 year but after my 3.5 detox and liver cleanse I can say I feel brand new. Noah and the hands on team are extremely fun to be around and make the time fly. Villy is an asset to anyone’s life. Whether studied or experienced she is someone who gets to the bottom of you needs quickly. Question- will I be back? Answer - I would be doing myself an injustice if I didn’t. Thanks guys
Rachael s
Rachael S
Amazing detox This place couldn't get any better. I was lovingly taken care of at each step and feel great at the end. Big thanks to Noah, Jay, Villy and all the staff here for supporting this journey. I'm going to miss the gardens so much!!
Howard boyle
Howard Boyle
Best detox & yoga retreat on Koh phangan I have just completed a 7.5 day detox program at Ananda and I feel amazing. The whole experience there was incredible and well organised. I would like to thank Villy, Valerie, Noah & all the team that provided great care and attention to me and the whole group. Also, a huge thank you to Rachel & the other girls that did yoga & meditation throughout the week. I had researched many different detox retreats on Koh phangan, but Ananda ticked all the boxes and I am very happy that I decided to detox here. I highly recommended this place and I will be back next year. Howard Boyle
Perfekter Start in den Morgen! Es war total einfach sich dort spontan anzumelden. Ich bin einfach morgens hingegangen und habe mich für den Kurs angemeldet und vor Ort bezahlt. Die Yogalehrerin war sehr herzlich und hat eine tolle und auch anstrengende Stunde gegeben. Sie nimmt sich für jeden einzelnen Zeit und gibt auch Hilfestellungen. Auch als Anfänger ist man dort gut aufgehoben. Am Ende der Stunde wurden die Personen, die wollten am Kopf und Nacken massiert . Es wurden ätherische Öle benutzt. Mir tat die Stunde am Morgen total gut und ich würde immer wieder dort hingehen.
Julie h
Julie H
Time Well Spent! Ananda detox was amazing. The staff were caring, supportive, helpful and organised. The daily massage, yoga, meditation and herbal sauna really helped to support the detox process. Ananda was clean, lovely and conducive to slowing down and relaxing.
Hes h
Hes H
Friendly staff & co-workers, good meditation & yoga teachers, professional masseurs. Ananda offers a balanced all-inclusive program that works. There is a variety of activities (salt water swimmingpool, herbs steambath, daily one hour massage, yoga & meditation) to do between the day program
Mark s
Mark S
Great Detox On the Beach Fantastic Again , I have detoxed on KPG for many years , Best detox on KPG including great massage every day and yoga and meditation classes , all included in the rates , The best and Best value detox on Koh Pha Ngan. The lovely owner Valerie always tries her hardest to look after the Detoxes whilst running a great Yoga School , We’ll set up and easy going Many thanks To Valerie , Nigel, Willi and all the staff