Colema Program

What is a colema?

A colema or colon hydrotherapy, is a method of colonic irrigation. It is a much more thorough cleanse than an enema. A volume of 13-15L of water is used to rinse the entire colon. This is a safe and highly effective way to cleanse the colon from built up digestive debris, toxins and faecal matter.  

Over time, toxic waste can build up in the colon. If not cleansed or detoxified, the waste products can putrefy and leach harmful substances into the bloodstream and cause various health issues such as leaky gut. 

Stand Alone Colema:

Stand Alone Colema sessions:

We offer single self-administered colon hydrotherapy sessions for your convenience. This treatment is also offered as part of our fasting detox programs

At AnandA we only use Colema Boards® of California imported from the USA because they are the best and most hygienic equipment in the market. We provide a private Colon Hydrotherapy room which our staff prepares and cleans before and after each session.

Colema sessionPrice (THB)
First colema session (personal colema tip provided)1,500
Each follow-up session (no tip provided)800
Colema tip350
3 sessions with tip 3000
*The colema tips are re-usable. Please keep and bring for your next session(s).

Preparation and Guidelines for your colema sessions

  • For maximum results, we recommend at least 3 – 4 sessions on consecutive days
  • Liquid fasting is recommended at least 24 hours before your session
  • During the days of your colemas, it is recommended to continue liquid fasting
  • If you are unable to fast, reduce your intake of solid foods. Consume more soft, cooked foods e.g. soups, fresh juices, broths, steamed vegetables
  • After your colema sessions, your gut may feel more delicate. Re-introduce foods slowly. Read more in this article
  • Take probiotic supplements and consume probiotic rich foods to replace the friendly bacteria found in your colon

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