Detox Program FAQ

The content below contains the most commonly asked questions, if your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us for more information/enquiry.

Will I lose weight during the detox program?

Often people lose a great deal of unwanted weight while on the program. Those who cleanse do not lose muscle, only fat, and mucus.

Will my accommodation be close to the detox facilities?

Yes! You will be staying only 20-30 meters from our detox facilities. You will not have to do colemas in your own toilet, as we have a seperate room designed specifically for this that the staff prepares for you. You will never have to worry about transportation, renting motorbikes or bicycles, walking through the rain to get to your shakes and colemas, suspicious dogs in your path, or any of the other inconveniences that come with off-site accommodation.

Will the Detox Program help the immune system?

The body’s natural immune system cannot be repaired in a toxic body. If your body is toxic, it’s already overworked, stressed and weak. To rebuild the immune system, internal cleansing is a must.

Is it true that friendly bacteria can be destroyed when you take a colema?

It washes them out. This is why every night before you sleep you take the probiotic formula, and on the last colema of the last half day of the program you will implant friendly bacteria directly into the colon to produce natural healthy intestinal flora there. The environment in the intestines is now much more favorable for the growth of flora than at the beginning of the program.

Is this an emotional detox as well?

Yes it is. Our emotions – that is, our feelings and mental state – have a great effect on the bowels. So much so that the bowel in ancient times were called “the seat of emotions”. The colon is extremely sensitive and is greatly influenced by every negative emotion. However, as we start to remove the mucus from the bowels, we can remove stuck thoughts and feelings from the rest of our being. The emotions of unresolved conflicts most definitely block our fullest potential. Being completely free of inharmonious emotions open us up to unlimited love, wisdom, ability, and happiness.

Can I do Yoga while on the cleanse?

Of course you can. All of our Detox Programs include one yoga class per day. Only you have to be careful on the days you feel weak. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself.

How often can I do the program?

For the enthusiast, every three months is recommended for the first year. Most people receive terrific benefits cleansing once every six months. Our recommendation for healthy people is to do a detox program at least once a year.

How often should I fast?

A good program would be to take one 7½-day fast each year with colemas and supplements, plus two or three 3-day fasts during the rest of the year, drinking only water. Fasting once a week for 24 hours with only water is also an excellent year-round maintenance program between major fasts.

After the program how can I help my digestive system to reactivate quickly?

Drink two 10-ounce glasses of water, with fresh lemon or lime juice each morning. Drink a psyllium husk shake with no bentonite every day after breakfast and dinner until you have two normal bowel movements.

Are there any Detox reactions during the program?

Yes, a cleansing reaction may occur any time the body is releasing toxins faster than it is able to eliminate them. The liver is the primary organ to filter out toxins. If the liver is unable to handle it all then the body is forced to remove the toxins in other ways – via the skin, lungs and urine.
Any kind of discomfort while cleansing is usually due to a cleansing reaction. The body will alert you to this imbalance with any of several common symptoms which may include: headaches, aching muscles or joints, fever, sweating, body odor, rashes, sleepiness, and weakness or exhaustion.
Further cleansing reactions such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea occur when extreme toxins, pathogenic bacteria, yeast, parasites or acids are still in the stomach and intestines. These symptoms indicate that one’s diet and/or lifestyle has been dis-ease producing, resulting in ineffective digestion, poor bowel function and liver weakness. It also indicates that intestinal cleansing is way past due. If cleansing is accomplished years in advance of these conditions, it can prevent their development.

Do you recommend any books about this cleanse?

Some recommended reading: ‘The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity’ by Daniel P. Reid, ‘Cleanse & Purify Thyself’ by Richard Anderson, ‘The Detox Book’ by Bruce Fife, and ‘Guide to Better Bowel Care’ by Bernard Jensen.

Can you recommend a good book on diet for when I’ve finished my detox program?

Yes, The PH Miracle, by R.O. Young and S. Redford Young.

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