Top 3 Reasons to Choose Ananda Yoga Detox Teacher Training

It can be a real challenge to choose from the best yoga teacher trainings in Thailand. Ananda Yoga Detox Teacher Training has 3 things that set our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training apart.

On-Site Accommodation

You will be staying only 20-30 meters from our yoga hall. You will never have to worry about transportation, renting motorbikes or bicycles, walking through the rain to get to yoga, suspicious dogs in your path, or any of the other inconveniences that come with off-site accommodation.

Our facilities are clean, cared for with love, and very serene and peaceful. All rooms come with both fan and air condition.

We offer several room types for your comfort level and budget.

  • Elevated Bungalows – The bungalows are elevated and look out over Ananda’s gardens, and towards the Gulf of Thailand and National Marine Park.
  • Garden Rooms – Our basic rooms all include a private bathroom, hot water, air conditioning and a fan, refrigerator, safe-box, patio, and a hammock.
  • Yogi Dorm – Our shared accommodation dorm rooms offer clean, comfortable beds for our guests of any budget.
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All Meals Included

It is VERY RARE that a yoga school will provide you with all of your meals included in the price of your training for no additional charge.

All Yoga Thailand even mentioned this about our program in their recent blog post about The 12 Best Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand in 2019.

At Ananda Yoga Detox, we provide a vegetarian yogi buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for every day of your training, even on your days off!

It can be very time consuming to figure out where to eat in a foreign country. It also takes time to arrange transportation, and the cost of eating out really adds up. We want you to focus on your training, so that you can have the best educational experience possible.

A recent graduate of our program even had this to say on our TripAdvisor:

The food was very tasty. Buffet style, and some of the traditional meals such as Pad Thai and Green curry. There were several ppl in our group with special dietary needs such as gluten and egg sensitivities and they were able to accommodate them.

Graduate Ready to Teach Yoga Classes

One of the first things that a new yoga teacher does is teach drop in classes to students. This is why we have made it a priority to prepare our graduates to do this very well. The reviews from our graduates verify this.

If you talk to graduates of other programs, one of the main feedbacks that you’ll hear is that they didn’t feel prepared to teach drop in classes immediately after graduation.

Our program excels at providing you the skills that you’ll need to teach yoga classes and private instruction. You’ll begin to develop these skills from the first day of training, and this knowledge will sink into every aspect of your practice.

  • You will learn how to teach a vinyasa flow class for 90, 75, and 60 minute classes,
  • You will learn to teach Beginner, Intermediate, and Mixed Level classes.
  • You will learn to create sequences for peak pose, and anatomy focused classes.

As we go through the work and effort of learning to do this skill, we will tie these lessons, the self doubt, and the challenges we confront back to the larger teachings of yoga in a very practical and understandable way.

You will look deep within, discover something about yourself, and move forward with an amazing set of life skills that will stay with you forever.

Our program is one of the BEST All Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training Programs!

Please check out the details of our program. We are here to answer any questions that you might have.

Ananda Yoga Detox Teacher Training

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