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Now is the time to deal with those underlying health issues and experience revitalisation and rejuvenation!


  • Over time our bodies become overloaded with toxins. This can be a cause of various underlying health issues, such as gut bloating, chronic indigestion, food sensitivity/allergies, brain fog, fatigue, depression & anxiety etc.
  • These toxins can accumulate through what we eat and drink and the air we breathe.
  • Although the human body is designed to eliminate toxins, it can also quickly become clogged up and store harmful waste in the cells and joints. Ultimately this reduces the body’s ability to function properly and to heal itself.
  • Our center offers a time-tested liquid fasting detox program that will help you cleanse, rejuvenate and harmonise your body, mind & spirit.
  • Pre-Fast Consultation
  • Daily Support & Supervision
  • Daily Detox Herbs
  • Daily Nutritional Herbs
  • 5 Detox Shakes Per Day
  • 2 Hydrotherapy Sessions (Colema) Per Day
  • Daily Thai Detox Massage on Fasting Days
  • 1 Vegetable Broth Per Day
  • Filtered Drinking Water
  • Ginger Tea
  • Electrolytes and Spirulina (if needed)
  • Daily Afternoon Yin/Restorative Yoga Class
  • Daily morning meditation/pranayama class
  • Access to other yoga classes and a variety of workshops
  • 1 Fresh Juice Per Day
  • 1 Fresh Coconut Water Per Day
  • Probiotic Replacement
  • Post Fast Meal
  • Post Cleanse Guidance
  • Free daily use of Herbal Steam Sauna and ice bath
  • Free use of our Saltwater Pool
  • FREE WiFi

Fasting is the heart of the cleanse and the fastest most effective way of removing toxic materials from the body. While abstaining from food, our body is given ‘time-off’ from the heavy duty of digestion. Our gut spends a lot of energy digesting the food we consume. When we fast, the energy normally spent breaking down food can be re-directed to cleansing accumulated toxins, thus eliminating harmful impurities. Our restricted liquid fasting process include vegetable broth, fresh juice and coconut water. The increased consumption of liquids facilitates the natural cleansing and elimination processes of the body.

The initial days of the fast are usually the toughest, but this is also when the most waste floods the bloodstream and begins to flush out through the pores of your skin, mouth, urine and excrement.

Throughout the fast the body will hold on to essential vitamins and minerals while removing toxins, fat, mucus, diseased cells and old tissues. This process maximizes the efficiency of each cell by activating the body’s self healing mechanisms. Not only does fasting rejuvenate the body, but it refreshes the mind, clearing away stress and brain fog. During the fast you may experience heightened emotions as suppressed feelings surface, but with time you’ll slowly purify your mind of this mental clutter and by the end of your cleanse you’ll find your thoughts calm, clear and collected.

Every detox program at AnandA includes a daily Colema with an optional second session. A Colema is a self-administered colon hydrotherapy that involves a special kind of enema. It is very thorough in cleansing the colon (large intestine) and removing internal impurities in a powerful yet safe way.

At AnandA we only use Colema Boards® of California imported from the USA because they are the best and most hygienic equipment in the market. We provide a private Colon Hydrotherapy room which our staff prepares and cleans before and after each session.

Further reading on our blog: Colonic Irrigation Thailand

Colonic Irrigation procedures utilize a machine to pump water into the colon. They are performed in clinics and require supervision from a trained therapist.

An Enema at best flushes out the rectum, but does not reach the depths of the colon.

A colema circulates more water than an enema and reaches all portions of the colon. The water is circulated by gravity, not a machine, and is therefore generally more effective, comfortable and safe.

We recommend cutting out stressful activities in the days prior to your detox. It’s also important to get good quality sleep, especially the day before you begin.

We also suggest you prepare your body for your detox by beginning to purify your diet 2-7 days prior to fasting. Drinking a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of good quality filtered or mineral water each day before your fast is a powerful way to being the cleansing process.

Read More on Pre-Fasting Here

Apart from taking care of our physical body, it is just as important to care for and nourish ourselves mentally & emotionally.

A daily morning meditation/pranayama and afternoon yin/restorative yoga class is offered complementary to your detox program to provide you the designated structure and space to be with yourself. If you are looking to cultivate your yoga and meditation practice, this is a great way to begin or go deeper!

Our meditation & pranayama classes are 45 minutes long. Both are guided practices and designed to help you find inner peace and calm.

Our afternoon yin/restorative yoga combines both modalities of yin & restorative yoga. Both are soft, gentle forms of yoga. Yin yoga targets the deeper layers of the body – the connective tissues and fascia. Restorative yoga actively supports your body to find complete relaxation. When combined as one yoga practice, this class works to release stored tension from the body, so you more easily enter a state of complete comfort & ease, where healing can begin.

  • Our schedule has been designed over the years to provide you with the ultimate support and to ensure your success. Each detox program includes a daily Thai massage and complementary gentle yoga & meditation class (11-day detox includes 9 massages).


    Time Activity
    7:30am Detox Shake
    8:00 am Meditation OR Pranayama class (optional)
    9:00 am Detox Herbs
    9:15am Thai Massage*
    10:30 am Detox Shake
    10:45am Colema*
    12:00pm Detox Herbs and Fresh Juice
    1:30 pm Detox Shake
    2:30pm Herbal Steam Sauna
    3:00pm Detox Herbs & Coconut water
    4:15 pm Detox Shake
    4:30pm Yin/Restorative Yoga (optional)
    6:00 pm Detox Shake
    7:45pm Colema**
    9:00pm Detox Herbs & Probiotic Capsule
    * Massage and colema times vary and will be scheduled on your first day.
    **One Colema a day recommended. 2nd daily colema optional

DETOX Testimonials:


7.5 Detox and Yoga

I did the 7.5 day detox at Ananda Yoga and Detox Center and it was wonderful! The rooms were clean and comfortable. The detox bar and staff were always friendly and prompt! The facilities were great. The pool and steam room were a wonderful luxury during the detox. The yoga classes were amazing.


7.5 Day Detox

Before I was feeling heavy and intoxicated. At the beginning it was tough, but day after day I started to feel better. Not really hungry. My mind after a long time was clear! Now I am happy. I feel good with my body, that is lighter. My skin is simply clean and beautiful. My senses are really working. I can appreciate taste and smell. I don’t have that feeling of heaviness anymore.


11 Day Detox

Came here for the 11-day fasting detoxification program recommended to me by a client of mine, it was perfect. 
I’ll be back. As a naturopath, I’d recommend my clients to Ananada if they were looking for a fasting and detoxification program to partake in.

Highly Recommended!



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