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Rebirthing Breathwork 3-day Intensive

Rebirthing Breathwork is a unique method to transform blockages and unpleasant experiences into love, acceptance, and expansion.

Immerse, learn and experience with intuitive Chandra this complete tool of transformation. For stress and trauma release, activate the connection to your inner guidance, digest and release stuck emotions, overcome mental limitations (beliefs) and learn how to apply it on your daily life for whenever you need it.

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

Intro to Human Design

Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how unique you are as a person, and guides you to live in a manner that is aligned with who you truly are. It offers profound insights into your physiology, psychology, strengths/weaknesses, spiritual purpose, along with strategies & techniques for making correct decisions”

Learn with Maria the basics of this fantastic and insightful tool that gives simple techniques for correct decision-making, a concrete map that offers a logical way of seeing your unique and individual nature—an extremely accurate t

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

Intro to Mantra Workshop

The benefits of chanting mantras are multitude. From helping to steady the mind to the accumulation of a specific quality or outcome, consciously working with matric sound and vibration can help to create a subtle and physical reality that serves our highest destiny.

Discover: How mantras work The benefits of mantra meditation How to set up a ritualistic practice to achieve a specific quality or result with amazingly knowledgeable Amanda.

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

Rebirthing Workshop

Rebirthing Breathwork is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that anyone can practice. It is a technique that involves connecting the inhalation with the exhalation in a gentle, relaxed rhythm. By connecting the breath, the body is flooded with fresh oxygen and prana and you can tap into the natural healing system of the body. You get the opportunity to
release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transforming blockages into bliss and natural flow.
Embodiment practices are a combination of movement, focused attention and self-reflection to help you to get in touch and FEEL into the wisdom of your body.

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

Kundalini Qi Intensive

The focus of this dynamic workshop is to re-pattern the body and mind by systematically breaking down energy blocks and simultaneously releasing the limiting beliefs. We merge with the infinite, cultivate qi, awaken the kundalini and realize we are limitless.

Let Jewels guide you into a journey, starting with a guided meditation, soak all her Kundalini knowledge and experience and come out after a relaxing Savasana with singing bowls.

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

In this soothing workshop, you will be inspired by the holistic
core principles of Ayurveda and understand the connections
within yourself and in your environment. In
addition to nutritional basics for your vitality and gut health,
you will find out your constellation and how to rebalance the
doshas in a physical, mental and emotional aspect.

Join Michelle and learn tips on how to have a better understanding of the internal and external influences on your body and your well-being, simple routines for your gut health and vitality, and the importance of being aware of your constitution and how to create balance in your system.

We take the classes outside whenever we can.

We are a Yoga Alliance accredited Registered Yoga School (RYS)