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In addition to a wide variety of daily yoga classes we also offer special interest lunch time workshops and weekend intensives plus much more. Check out our current offers below.

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Intro to Human Design

Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how unique you are as a person, and guides you to live in a manner that is aligned with who you truly are. It offers profound insights into your physiology, psychology, strengths/weaknesses, spiritual purpose, along with strategies & techniques for making correct decisions.”

Learn with Maria the basics of this fantastic and insightful tool that gives simple techniques for correct decision-making, a concrete map that offers a logical way of seeing your unique and individual nature—an extremely accurate t

An Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice with a holistic and individualized approach to wellness. “Ayurveda” is a Sanskrit term stemming from “ayur,” meaning “life,” and “veda,” meaning “science” or “knowledge.” Therefore, Ayurveda translates to “the science of life.”

Come join Beth and start crafting your personal intuitive practices with an ayurvedic approach.



Healthy habits for regulating your nervous system.

Understand how your nervous system responds to everyday stress and practice how to guide yourself out of overwhelming situations. Learn simple tools for everyday nervous system regulation and discover more techniques to explore.

The Philosophy of Yoga with Raj

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what yoga is, and more importantly, how it works?

Everyday we enjoy the Asana classes as we work the body and mind and feel the calmness that asana classes bring and enjoy the experience that we call Yoga.

Did you know that Asanas only make up for 1 of the 8 limbs of Yoga practices?

Every week, here at Ananda, we offer the Philosophy of Yoga with Raj. Over here you will learn about Yoga Philosophy as a practical and applicable format that you can practice all the time. Each week explores a different topic and Raj is even able to make them question and answer based.

Finding Wholeness Within

Throughout the workshop we will look into yoga teachings around Karma and how this knowledge impacts your sense of Self. We will apply this knowledge to our lives and see how through radical compassion and forgiveness that we can bring ourselves back to wholeness within. Releasing judgements of yourself and others, to set yourself free from your Karma. Understanding who you really are, being honest with yourself, forgiving yourself, and by this set you free. Free to be the true self. Free to live your life to your fullest potential. Living free from self-doubt, fear and insecurities and embracing life fully. Letting go of the sense of unworthiness and not enoughness that we all feel, and bringing yourself back to the truth of who you are. To your True Essence nature. So you can live free of limitations and beliefs that hold you in the same space again and again and again and find wholeness Within.

Rebirthing Breathwork with Chandra

The practices we apply during this Ritual are potent and simple. It can take you into a field of lasting transformation!

About Rebirthing Breathwork:
Rebirthing Breathwork is one of the most powerful self-healing techniques that anyone can practice.
It is a technique that involves connecting the inhalation with the exhalation in a gentle, relaxed rhythm.
By connecting the breath, the body is flooded with fresh oxygen and prana and you can tap into the natural healing system of the body. You get the opportunity to release stored emotions from the past, detox your body on a deep level and transforming blockages into bliss and natural flow.

We are a Yoga Alliance accredited Registered Yoga School (RYS)